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Lessons Produced from the 2016 COTSEAL CBI Workshop

In June, 2016, with funding from Title VI, the second (of three) professional development workshop on content-based instruction (CBI), for Southeast Asian language instructors, was held at UW-Madison. The third workshop, funded by the Luce Foundation, will be held at Cornell University in September, 2017. Follow this link for information on the upcoming workshop

As part of the second workshop, language-specific groups of instructors worked together in fall 2016/spring 2017 to develop content-based language lessons. Currently, these lessons are being taught in classrooms and video recorded.

Here is the program from the second, UW-Madison, CBI workshop:

2016 Professional Development Workshop Program

View the Powerpoint Presentation made by Maria Carreira of the NHLRC at the workshop.

Here are the procedures that the language groups followed to produce the lessons:

CBI Lesson Creation Procedures

Finally, here are the lessons produced by each group following the second workshop:

Burmese Intermediate High
Burmese Beginning High/Intermediate Low

Filipino Intermediate Low Also: Watch Video
Filipino Intermediate High-Advanced Mid

Indonesian Intermediate (in English)
Indonesian Intermediate (in Indonesian)
Indonesian Intermediate High/Advanced Low

Khmer Intermediate Low
Khmer Advanced Low

Thai Intermediate Mid

Vietnamese Intermediate
Vietnamese Upper Intermediate Lesson One
Vietnamese Upper Intermediate Lesson Two

Follow this link to see a video of the Filipino lesson being taught in a classroom at University of Hawaii in Spring, 2017.

Lessons Produced Following CBI Workshop #1 at UC-Berkeley, 2015-16 Set One

Lessons Produced Following CBI Workshop #1 at UC-Berkeley, 2015-16 Set Two

See information about the third COTSEAL CBI workshop, to be held at Cornell University in September, 2017, here